Growing in God – Class Every Tuesday Evening

06:30 - 07:30
Greater Apostolic Church of Christ

Growing in God Bible Study for New Converts and those seeking to strengthen the understanding of God’s Word. The event will include:

  1. Dispensational Study: Understanding how God has dealt with Man in Varying Times and Varying Covenants.
  2. Scriptural Challenge: Learning how to apply the Scriptures in their proper place by understanding how the Word of God compliments itself.
  3. Fellowship: Enjoy Groups and Cell Study which provide further expansion and discussion around the Scriptures. Couple with prayer and research to advance your spiritual life and relationship with God and His People.

This event is open to everyone, regardless of faith background, and we warmly welcome you to join us. The Study is relative to the Study of the Apostles Doctrine which will tie in both Old and New Testament Scriptures. Come with an open heart to as we challenge theory and support the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. See you there!

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