Evangelist Sheila Perry, Th.D.

Evangelist Sheila Perry, Th.D.

Associate Minister

Sister Perry received her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, a Master’s in Military Operational Art and Science from the Air Force University, and the Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) from Christ Temple Apostolic Church (CTAC) Bible College, Cincinnati OH.
She is an associate minister at the Greater Apostolic Church of Christ (GACOC), Springfield, Illinois where the Late Bishop Samuel J. Carter, D.D., pastored and whom she regards as her father in the gospel. She faithfully waited for God to assign Bishop Aaron J. Batiste, Sr, as a pastor “after His [God’s] own heart”. She was baptized in Jesus’ Name and received the gift of the Holy Ghost, November 21, 1986, after prayerful intentions of her mother, the Late Mother Jimmie L. Word, at the Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church of God, Chicago, IL, the Late Bishop Charles E. Davis, Pastor,

Under the tutelage of Bishop Carter, he pronounced Minister Perry to be the first Deaconess of GACOC; she further served as his personal assistant. Her service extends to the National Level of the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ, where she is a member of the Board of Trustees, Assistant to the Program Director, and elected as the secretary of the National Sunday School Department. She has held various positions within the Illinois/Indiana District Council to include assistant secretary/treasurer of the Council, secretary of the Women’s Auxiliary and Missionary Chairlady. She allows her talents and gifts to flourish locally at her home Church serving as Board Member, Church secretary and Missionary Chair and noted former assignments include assistant executive secretary, Sunday School Superintendent and Pastor’s Aide assistant. She also works very closely with the Choir, OutReach, Altar Evangelism, and is gifted in the Ministry of Helps.

Evangelist Perry retired from the United States Air Force after serving for 34.5 years in which her last major assignment was active duty for the Illinois National Guard in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Commander of the 183d Wing’s Force Support Squadron. Her responsibilities included oversight of the full spectrum of manpower-personnel programs. Since then, she served as door keeper for the Illinois Senate, taught English to Chinese students, and recently as of two years, she is employed with the U.S. Department of Treasury, IRS in Springfield, IL. She a member of the Ministerial Alliance of Springfield IL & Vicinity serving as an assistant to the Treasurer.

She is a mother of two daughters Telea Michelle and Tasia Nicole (her sons – Isaiah & Kameron). She is a novice equestrian (her first horse – Top Cat’s Painted Lady; sold in October 2021); she ran her first full marathon in 2014 and aspires to return to the career of fitness as a personal trainer.

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