In today’s article, Bro. Calvin Hopkins releases an excerpt from his writings as a debut to Calvin’s Corner! This writing is originally written and titled as “But here is where I say out loud. No matter the price, eternality with Jesus is Worth It All”.   

Is it truely that hard to believe that demonic entities can come against you because of the potential it sees in you? Do the levels of attack tell you the measure of threat you are?

I must say, it’s not necessarily the position you hold, the appointment given you, the assignment rendered unto you, nor the mission you see as your life works. That warrants the caliber of attacks against you. It’s the potential which makes you capable of succeeding. The lights you are subject to turn on, the influences you may have on others, the effects of your worship. That can cause demonic attacks, summoned against you in levels of echelon. To bring halt unto your efforts, possibilities and potentials and cloak ignorances over your attempts and persuasiveness to be productive. It’s likened to a fictional movie series, “the Terminator”. Were a demonic hunanoid robot is sent from the future into the past to seek and destroy Sarah Connor. Because of the potential for which she holds within her and to destroy her before she can exercise such initiatives and influences. And so it is with so many of us. The attack is to redirect, hinder, discourage, distract, and sideline us into resting any such interest. 

If I say out loud, of the potentials I see in you, am I trying to manipulate you or am I speaking possibilities into your life? Is it practicing witchcraft or being prophetic? Am I blowing smoke or arousing the potential you have within you? How do you see yourself and the wonders that God placed in you? Is it problematic to say that a mindset given unto a great many of us has the sting of an Upper Limited Mentality? That not only demonic entities, but we ourselves bring challenges against our beliefs that such wonders, expectancy, and potential is given to us. 

Us, for whom God personally crafted precisely, patiently, accurately, and intentionally. Despite us recognizing and believing there is no fault in God, we were created for and with purpose. A puzzle in God’s Kingdom, a member of a body and one of design unto application. Yet, we falter in our beliefs, weaken in our aspirations, slothful in our acknowledgements of Him and take for granted the engagement of our existence.

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